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Center for Education and Civil Rights — Penn State University

CECR is a hub for the generation of knowledge and coalition building within the education and civil rights communities to promote racial and ethnic equality in education. Based at Penn State University, the Center supports democratic values that are central to the mission of public universities.

In addition to collaborating with researchers, schools and policymakers, CECR provides the latest research and general resources to students, parents, and teachers who want to learn more about diversity and why integration in our schools matter.

We first created a logo to represent CECR’s mission.

In addition to their site design, we helped CECR’s co-founders with content strategy, newsletter design, and social media branding. We created promotional flyers and provided layout and design for multiple research publications.

We developed their site using Drupal (per university requirements) and co-ordinated with the Penn State University IT development team to help facilitate the launch.

Design & development — Logo — Social Media Branding — Research Publication Design — Event Flyers

Thanks for all your work on this! It looks wonderful, and we appreciate the thought that you’ve put in to helping us convey our ideas and ask us questions we hadn’t anticipated.

Thanks always for how easy you make this.

Erica Frankenberg

Co-Founder & Director, Center for Education and Civil Rights