marlo hydroponic skincare summer forever

Marlo Hydroponic Skincare

Summer Forever promotion

Elegant and inviting ad for a summer promotion. We shot the product image, designed the ad, selected a gorgeous stock background and composited in Photoshop. Provided in website and social media sized formats.

Marlo Hydroponic Skincare┬« is the world’s first hydroponic skincare brand. Their flagship products are powered by super-lycopene hydrosol steam-distilled from hydroponically grown tomatoes. More sustainable than organic, Marlo is clean beauty that delivers on its promise.

Ad design, product photography, Photoshop retouch & composite

Amazing! Wonderful! Thank you for everything you do for us. We are so grateful for you... and your positivity!

Marjorie & Renee

Co-founders, Marlo Innovations, LLC